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Who We Are

APS is the regulated distribution subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation. We are the State's largest electric utility, providing reliable power with quality service at a reasonable cost for over 100 years. We serve over 1.1 million customers in 11 of 15 counties in Arizona.

APS Generation Mix
The generation mix of APS is 42% coal, 26% Nuclear, 32% gas and purchase power.

Service Area Map
If you are moving to Metro Phoenix or a surrounding area in Arizona, view these online service area maps to see if you're in APS service territory in the metro Phoenix area or Statewide.

Rate Plans
Here's a sample of our most often used business rate plan with some sample calculations and the actual published tarriffed rate. 

Community Profiles
For statistical information on key communities in Arizona, view community profiles.

Available Buildings
For a complete listing or for specific building requirements contact David.Bentler@aps.com, or call 800-423-0198.

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